VG Heroes is an Action RPG/Tactical RPG computer game made in the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.It originally started in August of 2014 under the title Video Games Heroes Unite.

Title Screen


As Mech WarsEdit

VG Heroes originally started as a Strategy-RPG game named Mech Wars.It was made in RPG Maker VX Ace Lite and was very different.The main character was still named Zexel,but instead had blue hair.The game's theme was about battles with mechs and took place in the future.

Although Mech Wars never took off,it was later inspired for a game called Digital Wars.

As Video Game Heroes Unite!Edit

The game soon took a very different direction.The game was renamed Video Game Heroes Unite! and the theme was instead about a person that goes through various worlds based off various video game series.The gameplay was still a Strategy-RPG.This theme was inspired by Kingdom Hearts and another RPG Maker VX Ace game Virtual Quest(Previously named Parallel Darkness).

Zexel instead had red hair,blue eyes,and also had a sister named Cell.

Original Title Screen

Zexel also had a different shirt,which was black and had Super Famicom colors on it.He had dark grey shorts with light grey shoes.Cell also had a different look,with a black dress,long blue hair,and blue eyes.

There were still 9 worlds,including the subworlds.However the worlds were based off different games in the series the world is based on,instead of in the final game where the world is based off one game from that video game series.

The game did not get very far in production,but did have one world sort of completed.It was the Super Mario World.The gameplay was a strategy-RPG,but also had tactical-RPG elements with bosses in the game.Although the strategy-RPG element was eventually removed from the game due to Lite's limitations,the boss battle gameplay elements were later still put into the final game.

As VG HeroesEdit

The game was put on a hiatus until December of 2014.The game was moved to the complete version of RPG Maker VX Ace.The game was slightly changed from the beta version,and took inspiration from it.Zexel took a redisign,with green eyes,a red and white jacket,and a different haircut.Cell also had a big redisign too.Other big changes include Party Members,scripts,story,worlds,etc.

The game used the Sapphire Action System IV from Khas Arcthunder.The game also used resources from The Spriters Resource.

Cell Beta

Original Cell Sprites


Andross from the Star Fox series.To fight him,touch the R-Wing in the Pokemon World.

Mother Brain from the Metroid series.To fight it,talk to Samus in the Sonic World