This page contains spoilers to VG Heroes 1.Read at your own risk.

Party Members are actors that join with Zexel to fight in battles or go solo.They only appear in their selected worlds.

List of MembersEdit

VG Heroes 1Edit


WARNING! This page contains spoilers to VG Heroes.Read at your own risk.

Name World They Appear In Nickname
Mario Super Mario World Mr.Game Himself
Locke Cole Final Fantasy 6 World Thief
Edgar Roni Figaro Final Fantasy 6 World King
Terra Branford Final Fantasy 6 World ??????
Biggs/Wedge Final Fantasy 6 World Vicks
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy 7 World Ex-SOLDIER
Red Pokemon World Silent Rookie
Link Legend of Zelda World Hero of Hyrule
Megaman Megaman 1 World The Blue Bomber
Megaman X Megaman X World X
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic 1 World The Blue Bomber
Marco Rossi Metal Slug 1 World Marchrius Dennis Rossi
Sharon Zero Final World The Lost Mom